Gearing up for InterConnect 2017

Relevance is everything in the IT world. At Tjene, we know that being on top of what’s new, what’s working and what’s not is what allows us to best serve our clients. That’s why we pack our bags every year and head to IBM’s annual conference- it’s the place to go, to be in the know.

What’s relevant right now? The all mighty Cloud. Watson. The Internet of Things. And they’re all top of the agenda at InterConnect 2017 in Las Vegas. We can’t wait to learn more about how our IT weapon of choice, TRIRIGA, interfaces with the most advanced cloud technology on the market today. What are we most excited to learn about? Watson and the ever-expanding IOT.

IBM puts one question before tech start-ups and software giants alike, ahead of this year’s conference: “how can you use the world’s biggest breakthroughs to unleash ingenuity?” It’s a question we ask ourselves everyday at Tjene and one we’re hungry to find new answers to at the event.

We’re committed to breaking the cardinal rule of the city of sins because, what happens in Vegas won’t stay in Vegas…at least not this time. Our clients will benefit directly from our presence at InterConnect, as we work fast to apply our newest findings to our current business practices.

Learning is unleashed and the playing field -  temporarily leveled – during five impactful days in Las Vegas. Stay tuned to see how it changes up our game at Tjene!