's Aristotle Partnership: Conversational Analytics

Aris Post.jpg

Tjene is excited to announce our most recent partnership with! is an AI-Enterprise Software start-up located in Silicon Valley. was founded on the realization of an unfilled niche: that consumers needed a way to easily and efficiently analyse their data, through familiar platforms. As consumers, we use text and voice messaging applications daily to chat with our friends or colleagues.’s concept was built on this idea - why not make retrieving and analysing data as easy as chatting with a friend or colleague? And so, Aristotle (Aris) was born – an AI-Chatbot for conversational analytics! uses familiar messaging applications like Facebook Messenger, Slack, and Skype as platforms for users to chat with Aris. With Aris' data intelligence, Aris can quickly retrieve and respond to all data-related questions within the messaging application – as a result, Aris can easily become a user’s own personal data analyst.

During the Collision 2018 technology conference, the Tjene team was impressed by the ability for Aris to provide users with wide data accessibility in the form of a chat. Whether you are in a meeting, or just grabbing a coffee, understanding your own data just got a lot quicker and easier.

For these reasons, we chose to form a new partnership with and invest in their development of Aris – conversational analytics that enables data to sit right in your pocket, ready to tell a story.