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In presenting data, the use of colour, visuals, and layout can have a great effect on a person’s ability to quickly understand the data and draw business decisions from what is shown. Through the use of interactive dashboards and reports, Tjene enables users to visualize the information and allow their data to tell a story.

Below are four use cases where Tjene has compiled real scenarios into compelling visualizations within Microsoft’s PowerBI. These visualizations can also be replicated in Tableau, QlikSense, Cognos, or any enterprise BI tool that the client prefers.


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People Management: Employee ShiftS Across All Campuses

This PowerBI dashboard begins with an overview of all the buildings and employees that this company owns and manages. The Rotation Schedule and Rotation Details pages provide insights of employee shift distribution across buildings. This will allow the HR department and Shift Managers to make the necessary changes of assigning shifts and locations for their employees.



Facility Management: Forecasting Future Work Tasks

This PowerBI dashboard combines several years of Preventive and Corrective Maintenance work tasks with forecasted ones to show both current and future states of the volume of work. This empowers the Facility Management group to better adapt and focus their efforts to create efficiencies with performed work and associated costs.



Space Planning: Managing Move Requests

This PowerBI dashboard provides a centralized view of all employee move requests with built-in checks to quickly isolate and investigate issues as they arise. Allowing Move Managers the ability to see the distribution of moves and problematic moves will enable them to allocate or redistribute resources faster.



Space Management: Space distribution and Real Time Occupancy

This PowerBI dashboard provides Space Planners and Managers a comprehensive view of their current space and occupancy situation. Ultimately, Space Planners and Managers will be able to pre-emptively identify space needs and reclassify, or plan for new configurations.